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Terms and conditions of service

You can find the full terms and conditions for Dojo consumer services below.

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Privacy policy for consumers

We take your privacy seriously – no ifs or buts. We’re transparent about how we use and collect your information, in accordance with data protection laws. You can read our full privacy policy here, to understand our commitment to your data and privacy.

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Website terms and conditions

We want our website to remain a safe space for everyone – not least our customers. That’s why we protect what information and content are used by people outside of Dojo, across our websites. Find out more about our website terms & conditions here.

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Rewards terms and conditions

Find out more about your participation in a loyalty scheme offered by one of our merchants through the Dojo app in our rewards terms & conditions.

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Cookies are used across our website to distinguish you from other web users, so we can tailor the best experience for you. You are in full control of the cookies you allow us to enable, and we’ll always let you set your own cookie preferences. Learn more about cookies here.

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Website acceptable usage policy

We moderate our website to ensure that only the highest standards are met across the Dojo website. That means protecting it from unlawful usage, because that’s no fun for anyone. Read how to use our website fairly here.

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